Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Expectant farmers can sow
But nothing will grow,
Perhaps next season it'll rain
Enough to see some gain.

Hopeful planters have tried
But rural areas have dried,
The summer's relentless heat
Vividly displays defeat.

Fields lie fallow in the sun
Parched to the last one
Drought has settled to stay,
Years have been this way.

Long awaited rain failed to fall
As other seasons they recall,
In the skies there is not a cloud
And prayer is spoken aloud.

Waterways have ceased to run
Made bone-dry by the sun,
Reservoirs are dangerously low
And spigots slow their flow.

Countrywide wilted citizens sizzle
With no relief of any drizzle,
The drought has lasted years
With the only moisture tears.

The summer sun relentlessly burns
And everyone hopefully yearns,
Day-after-day their desire is for rain
But unanswered wish's go in vain.

Temperature soars into triple digits
And everyone fumes and fidgets
But there will be no rain this season
Mother-nature needs no reason.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-29-11

Song title: "Sunset"

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