Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Summer is but a memory to borrow
And winter's like a lingering sorrow,
I wish it to disappear from here now
And magically be spring somehow.

Winter emblazons every dreary day
With some cheerless hue of gray
Highlighted by snowflakes of white
That covers my home each night.

Fierce northern winds are blowing
My agitation level keeps growing
And there's no way of knowing
When the sun will next be glowing.

Rooms are smaller than they used be
Slowly the walls are closing in on me,
Weariness of cold is deep to the bone
And I mark the days till winter's gone.

Tired of it all I needed out for awhile
So I put on my make-believe smile
Then bundled-up braced against the cold
I cautiously stepped out as I grew bold.

With shredded umbrella wildly flapping
And as tender lips finished chapping
I stood shivering outside in the yard
Mumbling "life in winter is just to hard."

I trudged to my friends' for a block
And with fingers to cold to knock
I screamed like a motherless banshee
For anyone to come and rescue me.

But my friends' home was quite as a ghost
She was gone when I needed warmth most,
I wished I'd done as the geese and flew south
As I was applying lip-balm to my mouth.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-01-2012

Song title: "Oily Rag"

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