Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Late In Winter Scene


Late In Winter Leaves


There are numerous reasons
To like only pleasing seasons
When lovely sights and sounds
Above and around abounds.

Summertime completely delights
With the scented balmy nights
And everything seems highlighted
And everyone appears delighted.

Springtime is a puzzling wonder
It gives me pause to ponder,
The blest country seems reborn
With every cheery bonny morn.

The rainbow colors of chilly fall
Enthrall with the glory of it all
It's splendor will forever amaze,
But it ushers in winter days.

Arctic winters aren't near so dear,
Not so dandy around here
There will be many gloomy weeks
When every cloud in the sky leaks.

The tempest weather holds me inside
Steady storms I can hardly abide,
Time should not be wasted like this,
There is never a storm I'll ever miss.

I am constantly at the window staring
But I squander time caring
For months there will be snow and ice,
When any sunbeam would be nice.

I sit mulling over the glory of spring
With the sheer joy it will bring
And a wide grin gaps my sullen face
Soon my space spring will grace.


Late in Winter Leaves

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-02-12

Song title: "The March Of The Cameron Men"

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