Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Gardeners by Kenneth J Ellison

Ho-hum winter is done
Thrills were few or none,
Spring sprang with sun,
Now gardeners have fun.

Summer finally made it
The ambition lamp is lit,
Growers needs won't quit
So they grab the tool kit.

They till in early spring
Whistling as birds sing,
Wishing for just one thing
That summer may bring.

Dreams of a garden grow
As they hoe a straight row,
The embers of hope glow
For one with grand show.

With planting time heeded
They joyfully proceeded
And doggedly weeded
Then lovingly seeded.

As summertime arrives
And blues clear skies,
Their planting thrives
To neighbors surprise.

In the sunny warm glow
Of a summertime show,
Bountiful gardens grow
From seeds they sow.

The gardens aren't just any
The varieties are many,
There are more than twenty
From gardens of plenty.

Fruits and veggies to taste
Are devoured with haste,
Nothing is left to waste
As we undo belts at waists.

Out of rich garden ground
Good food is shared around,
Happy gardeners we found
Give us love by the pound.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-05-08

Song title: "Johnie Scot"

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