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My Quiet Time

My Quiet Time by Kenneth J Ellison

I marvel at the sunrise again
I think the prettiest it's been,
I listen to the morning birds,
The sweetest songs I've heard.

I am at peace in heart and mind
As the aged mantle clock chimes,
Everyone else is soundly asleep
Save me and the puppy at my feet.

The Lake Outside My Window


I hear lonely loons on the lake
Their forlorn cries they make,
Searching for a lifelong mate
They can only outcry and wait.

Sitting in my favorite old chair
Staring at the far horizons glare,
The wonder of nature amazes me
As it creates new vistas to see.

Another cup of coffee before I go
And leave my seat by the window
Then I'll take a long walk outside
By the reeds where waterfowl hide.

The rising suns fiery summer heat
Will soon end this showy dawn treat
As it cascades over mountain tops
And becomes again steamy hot.



©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-09-04

Song title: "Home Again"

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