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Over Stay by Kenneth Ellison


I think the sun shall never shine
To warm these bones of mine,
I'm sure winter's come to stay
And will never vanish away.

I've wished each day for it to go
But I was dished up more snow
Followed by flash-freeze rainfalls
And howling winds that rattle walls.

I shan't see beautiful wildflowers
Nor laze on a cheery day for hours,
Never again will I swim in the creek
Or suntan my lily-white cheeks.

Winter blew in years ago I know
Instead of just a Christmas ago,
Each stormy month seemed a year
And winter stubbornly lingers here.

I will nevermore see a flowering tree
Or hear the buzz of a bumblebee,
I'm sure I won't see another sunrise
Brilliantly blaze the eastern skies.

Winter's painted it's shades of brown
And layered blankets of snow down,
I admit enjoying the splendor of it
But the show-off will never quit.

No more will I wiggle toes in clover
Because winter will never be over,
I'll never smell the fragrant rose
Or lie in sun-drenched grass to doze.

Winter has trapped me in this valley
And chosen to forever dilly-dally,
With spirits and firewood running low
I watch from the window falling snow.

Deer Outside

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-05-08

Song title: "Tramps"

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