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A Cold Touch by Kenneth J Ellison.

A Cold Touch

The crack of ice breaks the hush
In harmony with the winds rush
As it sings thru leafless treetops
Ice laden limbs crackle and pop.

Winter has covered hill and dale
Arranging a pale frosted veil,
Hiding beneath a sparkling sheen
Fading colors of autumn's scene.

Trees sleep clad in a gown of ice,
Diamond drops as scattered rice
Cling to limbs as glistening gems
Adding a jeweled luster to them.

From mountains it's journey begun,
Between ice laced shores it runs,
The crystal clear brook races free
On a course to wed the stormy sea.

It gurgles and bubbles wildly racing,
It's role in winter's play embracing
As it winds across the valley floor
Listening for the sea's angry roar.

Winter's promise will soon be kept
Where frosty fingers have crept,
From craggy peaks to valley below
It will softly lay a blanket of snow.

As frosted party cakes the hills wait
And snowflakes will not arrive late,
Tonight the seasonal party will start
As winter brushstrokes it's snowy art.

Winter begins it's display so grand
As it whitewashes a wonderland,
From valley to tall mountain peaks
It's bewitching beauty softly speaks.

A Cold Touch

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-29-07

Song title: "The Touch"

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