Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Man with his dog, standing in the September falling leaves.


The calendar on my kitchen wall
Boldly proclaims it's fall
But I need no pin-up to inform me
Of autumn's coming weather spree.

September winds are blowing now,
Storming over hill and dale I allow,
Mountains are showing snowcaps
And skies are alive with thunderclaps.

The patter on my roof is chilly rain,
Thunder quakes my windowpanes,
My weathervane is wildly spinning,
The wet of September is beginning.

Days are short and nights are longer
Firewood is piled high in the corner,
Summer chores are mostly complete
And the pantry is full of sweet treats.

Soon noisy Geese will fly south again
And sleepy bears will curl up in dens,
Animals everywhere are well aware
That change is in the cooling air.

Trees will turn their leaves of green
To autumn hues for wintry scenes
Then swirling off in the gusty breeze
Will settle to wait for winter's freeze.

Fun in summer sun has waned away
And I brace for gloomier days,
For months I'll be at natures ill will
As my world grows bleak and still.

Let it rain and let misty winds blow
Bring on grays and early snow,
Usher in frosty morn's crunch of ice,
Outside will be bad but fireside is nice.

Septembers falling leaves

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-03-04

Song title: "Cherry Ripe"

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