Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Between majestic mountain peaks
Into an alpine meadow it seeps,
From deep under marshy ground
Flowing upward it's ever bound.

The fountain fed by winter snows
Bubbles to the surface and grows
Creating a mirrored reflection pool
Casting sun sparks as a rare jewel.

Spring-water brims over it's shore
Coursing toward the valley floor,
A tiny streamlet has begun it's run
Sparkling bright in springtime sun.

It spirals down between foothills
And is joined by runoff as it spills,
Other streams swell it to brook size
As it meanders under blue skies.

It rushes to the valley floor then slows,
Winding through grassy fields it flows
Nourishing flora and fauna as it passes
Through the flowered meadow grasses.

Spring has renewed the valley scene
From drab to bright tints of green,
Flowers flourish under the sun's gleam
Bunched along the easy flow stream.

Beneath the air filled with birds song
The nestled brook moves gently along,
Leaving in it's wake the waters of life,
Relieving the land from winter's strife.

It moves across the valley with grace
Bringing beauty at a leisurely pace
Then emerges on the downslope side
And tumbles over a rough rocky slide.

Racing the excited brook descends,
Plunging over a steep falls it blends,
It weds the river rushing wildly below
Then off to the deep blue sea they go.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-07-08

Song title: "Eye In The Sky"

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