Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Autumn's beauty has lain to rest
After rendering it's grand best,
After a color show with no equal
It slumbers till next year's sequel.

As the book of seasons turn a page
Winter enters upon the stage,
On cue it begins to perform a play
With acts of marvel in a new array.

Promptly over the mountains top
It is snowing nearly none stop
Presenting peaks new caps of white,
Winter previews it's coming delight.

Winter will paint scenes far and wide
It's brushwork covering countryside,
Remnants of fall will be brushed away
Painted over by winter's noble display.

Hayfields will become meadows of snow
Autumn mist will be ice on the window,
A fresh palette of colors will give birth
To a festive season of holiday mirth.

In the pumpkin patch the scarecrow
Will be a snowman covered in snow
As the artistry of winter rearranges
To present a wonderland of changes.

Winter enters with a grand fanfare
And landscapes for holidays affair,
Thanksgiving And Christmas will arrive
Stirring freehearted spirits too revive.

While autumns beauty lies fast asleep
Over our scenery winter will sweep
Bringing a season magically merry,
Sprinkled by mistletoe kisses and holly berry.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-18-07

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