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A Familiar Caller by Kenneth J Ellison

A Familiar Caller Divide

Something is lurking about out there
Giving reasons to rise neck hair,
A familiar sensation awakens in me
And I ponder what can it be?

As I wandered the pumpkin field
Whose icy breath did I feel
Caressing both my crimson cheeks
Making my teeth chatter out beats.

Who's in the crown of forest trees?
Whose rustling the colored leaves?
Whose out there yowling at me?
Wailing as a crazed banshee.

Who's making me shiver all night?
Wrapped in blankets tight,
Who's chilling my bare floors
And persistently shuddering the doors?

Who's tinting my nose blush red
Poked from the covers of my bed?
And whose giving me goose-bumps
From my nightcap to my rump?

Who is freezing all the plumbing,
Rattling the eaves and moaning?
And who is icing the windowpanes
With driven freezing rain?

Waking with a start at the new dawn
I stare out the window with a yawn,
Old man winter left his calling card
There are snowdrifts all over the yard.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-29-04

Song title: "Any Man Of Mine"

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