Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors


Snowflakes are steadily falling
The winter season is calling,
A wonderland of snowy white
Fills this mystical night.

From mountains crest to glen below
The snowstorm is a holiday show,
Evergreens appear as Christmas trees
Frosted by snowflakes on sprees.

Boughs bend from a load to grow
Their tips draw angel wings in snow
As the north winds whip to and fro
Drawing patterns as they blow.

Blustery gusts of frigid winter winds
Swirl the snowflakes into wild spins,
Twirling them up as gleeful dancers
Before they settle as resting prancers.

The storm presents its unruly display
Throughout the nighttime into day,
Leaving a snowy quilt over the land
As a picturesque scene ever so grand.

The snow-laden forest slowly stills
And the winds cease over the hills,
A hush settles on the snow-bound glen
Giving relief to all therein.

Somewhere a hearth crackles and snaps
A grandpa and ma snuggle in wraps,
Creaking chairs rock before the fire glow,
They are comfy warm from head to toe.

A lull after the snowstorm gives rest
As the storm spends it's last breath
But grandma and gramps both know
They will be visited often by winter snow.

Snowstorm Falling Flakes
"Fierce Wind"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-16-04

Song title: "Far Away Times"

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