Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

A cabin forms a silhouette against the darkening sky
It's timbers sighing as a scorching day eases by,
Floral window curtains lightly billow into heated rooms
Sweetening the warm air with rose garden perfumes.

Cheery laughter carries on the wind over the vale,
Her laughter blends with the song of a nightingale,
In underwear he flirts with her in a flimsy nightgown
As they wait patiently for the bedroom to cool down.

In the cooling of twilight shade with lemonade
They watch as the last bright sunrays fade,
As the hot work day ends their time begins,
They sip and rest easy in soft gusting winds.

Worn chairs creak as they rock to and fro
Savoring the last of the dazzling show,
The sunset has displayed a brilliant array
With colors of splendor ending the day.

Long after nightfall they talk and rock
Listening to the mantle clock tick-tock,
From inside it merrily chimes out the time
As a round yellow moon begins it's climb.

Two weary sleepyheads rise to go inside,
He carries her in as a new blushing bride,
Moonlight thru the window softly lights the bed
As she tugs off and folds the patchwork spread.

Between warm muslin sheets on feather pillows
As faded flowered curtains gently billow
And as dancing wall shadows silently play
They lie dreamless asleep at the end of their day.

At sunup he will hitch the mare to the surrey
And dressed in their best will hastily hurry,
Off to the church picnic they'll go even though
A blazing summer sun will roast them slow.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-20-08

Song title: "The Nightingales Sing"

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