Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Mystified I see the changing of the sky,
Longingly I stare quietly and softly sigh,
Storms of winter has gathered overhead
Brimming my bosom with a chilling dread.

Winter's icy window has opened wide
Painting the sleepy-eyed countryside
In paler shades of shimmering white,
Glossing over autumn's blazing bright.

Thunderclaps over mountain snowcaps
Sound over valleys in lily-white wraps,

Winds whistle and whine through trees
Swaying wildly in winter's early freeze.

The season changed from autumn rain
To snowfalls winter has beautifully lain
As the amber of autumn fluttered away
Grooming the land for a lavish display.

Winter's beauty has come home to me
And found me downhearted and lonely,
The scenery is a curios dreamlike treat
But this season is harshly bittersweet.

The land lies in a downy quilt of white,
Tonight I'll take no comfort by firelight
As the chilled lonesome day passes by
I'll stare at the flames wondering why.

I watched the seasons entwine then change,
I waited as my existence began to rearrange
From one of happiness to one of a dark view,
While I watched and waited, longing for you.

Through autumn's mist and winter's kiss
The warmth of your embrace I've missed,
Wintertime has come and you're still gone
And I think by next spring I'll still be alone.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-11-07

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