Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Sleeping In by Kenneth J Ellison

Sleeping In Divide

It's that time of year once more
When winter storms roar,
I've dreaded this frigid season
And outside is a good reason.

I hear thunderstorms overhead
And I snuggle deeper into bed,
I'm gonna be here till I'm numb,
As this weather is plumb glum.

Outside the torrent is drumming
And gusty winds are humming,
The shutters flap wildly squeaking
As the walls groan softly creaking.

This feather bed is comfy as can be
In wintery weather it beckons me,
It will embrace me all toasty warm
Until next the butterflies swarm.

I'm gonna lie under these quilts
Till winter gives up and quits,
I'm gonna hibernate right here
Until the skies once again clear.

This winter I just won't get up
Not even to fill my coffee cup,
I'm staying here till winters over
And I can smell the sweet clover.

I am not getting out of this old bed
Until there is sunshine overhead,
I'm camping here till winter's end
And nature gives me a springtime blend.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-16-04

Song title: "The Jolly Beggarman"

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