Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Spring Brings by Kenneth J Ellison

Sleeping In Divide

Springtime will be bringing
Pleasing songbirds singing
Over lush fields of green
Where daffodils are seen.

Enchanting spring brings
The birth of pretty things
Like butterflies fluttering
And wildflowers cluttering.

Spring gives hope arisen
With a fresh new vision
And we are feeling serene
Amid the beauty seen.

The season will bring cheer
And liveliness around here,
Our spirits will be happier,
Our footsteps snappier.

With sweet rosebuds red
In our new garden bed
We smile as dawn we greet
And at everyone we meet.

Spring brings flocks winging
And hummingbirds zinging
Beneath puffy white clouds
Over fields fresh plowed.

Springtime forever brings
A better way to see things
Our attitudes are corrected,
With nature we're connected.

Spring seems to bring peace
Our pesky little frets cease,
We fill with unbridled cheer,
It's a glorious time of year.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-24-04

Song title: "Hesleyside Reel"

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