Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I'll come to you in darkest night
I'll creep up in bright daylight,
I'll control your emotional state,
I alone will decide your fate.

Deep in your mind I'll entwine
This emotional rage of mine,
Into an unsure heart I'll impart
Bitterness that will rip you apart.

I spread gloom and heartache,
In thoughts dark fears I make,
I can destroy loving family ties
Creating hate to fill teary eyes.

I breakup friends with delight
And cause neighbors to fight,
Marriage's I can easily tear asunder
Leaving broken hearts to wonder.

I come between sister and brother
My evilness invades as no other,
I prosper on weakness and doubt,
Controlling you is what I'm about.

In the dark recesses of minds I bide
Waiting to spread loathing inside,
I'll consume until you become me,
And your life is cluttered debris.

Beware! That I come to visit you,
To control emotions as I can do,
A green-eyed monster you call me,
Others know me as jealousy.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-12-03

Song title: "Parisien"

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