Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

How do you chose what to write is ask,
How do you begin the task?
Why do you use the themes you do?
Surely they are a part of you.

I must say most words in part
Rise from inside my heart,
My emotional being I lay bare
In the words I've written there.

There are the times I do not feel
Any profound emotion real
And I pen whatever comes to mind,
It could be themes of any kind.

You can discover all that is me
By reading the rhyme you see,
Heart, mind and soul I present
Until my thoughts are spent.

You may live my past and new life
Feel my joy, heartache and strife,
Know all that I've lived through
By reading words written for you.

From my youth through manhood
I write of things I've understood,
While other thoughts from my pen
Seemingly have no beginning or end.

Writing with emotional suggestion
Seems to answer or ask a question
Of long ago tragic love affairs
Or an innocent child with no cares.

I write my best when sadly depressed
By releasing sorrow long repressed,
Many are reluctant to read that of me
But it is how I came to be you see.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-23-04

Song title:"Osakashi"

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