Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

At dawn she puts the kettle on to heat
Then feeds the cats around her feet,
She places the tea set on a small tray
And routinely readies for another day.

Gingerly she lays the tray by her chair
And prepares tea while waiting there
As lingering shadows play over the room
She waits for the sun rising soon.

She sits by the window in sunshine
Sewing to while away the daytime,
In solitude dreaming of yesteryear
And the children she raised here.

Tonight she will reread another book
Cradled by her chair in a little nook
While the mantle clock chimes away time
She will carefully read every worn line.

Time has passed the lonely grandmother by
And many an hour she's had a long cry
For her husband has long since passed on
And all the children are grown and gone.

She waits for her children to phone, but they won't,
She waits for someone to come by, but they don't,
She waits for a letter from some kin or friend
But the postman passes her by again.

In solitude each day she sits and waits
Hoping someone will enter her gate,
Just anyone to visit with or a soul to see
And perhaps they'd sit for a cup of tea.

Evening shadows sway at the end of the day,
There was no mail, no one came her way,
The clock chimes bedtime for grandmother,
Another lonely day has passed, just another.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-28-04

Song title: "Are You Lonesome Tonight?"

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