Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Eagerly I waited for you death,
Longing for that final breath,
Farewell cruel world goodbye
It was my high privilege to die.

I rest in death's delicate cloud
Draped with a sackcloth shroud
Waiting to be gruffly taken away
To my fresh nesting bin today.

From birth life was unfairly hard,
Long I've pined for a boneyard,
While sickness riddled my bones
I ached to lie among tombstones.

From mother's womb I have cried
Until thankfully at last I've died,
All my life of suffering and sorrow
There was never hope in tomorrow.

Lay my head on a soft satin pillow,
Take me out to the crooked willow,
Carve a lasting cross into it's bark
To mark my place of eternal dark.

Carry me off to those leafless trees
I've felt the ease of death's breeze,
Lay me low beneath the moist loam,
Let the forest floor be forever home.

Place me down in the cold ground
Where wind songs whisper round,
Let the whining of the winds refrain
Sweetly serenade where I am lain.

Farewell to all that showed no love,
Farewell to the vicious world above,
Just shovel the dirt in if you would,
I don't recall ever feeling this good.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-28-07

Song title: "Archibald MacDonald of Keppoch"

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