Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Any thought is like a fleeting shadow,
Never deeply profound only shallow,
I cannot hold a thought until it clears
The instant I have one it disappears.

In mind there seems continual races,
Thoughts run to hide in dark places,
I can't seem to concentrate very long
By the time I have a memory it's gone.

Like the pages of a book turning very fast
Before I can read the first, I'm at the last,
My mind fast forwards until present time
Then just as quickly it begins to rewind.

I feel as if I'm lost in time and space
No longer a part of the human race,
In despair I scream look at me! I'm here!
But the dark of my mind doesn't care.

Each day my thoughts grow dimmer
Until now there is only a glimmer
Of who I am or where I should be
And confusion clouds all I see.

Voices swirl like chaotic scrabbles
Just rambling endless babbles,
They whirl in mind as a loud gale
And day-by-day I grow more frail.

I stand before the mirror and stare
Wondering who the person is there,
I'm really not sure I know the face,
My mind has found another place.

I am to dwell in the hell of the unknown
My past, present and future are gone,
I can't remember who I am anymore,
My mind has closed sanity's door.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-08-04

Song title: "Mysterious"

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