Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

It's another chilling daybreak
Over the teal blue lake
Where he sits in his little boat
Wrapped in a tattered coat.

He fishes alone as always
Daydreaming of yesterdays,
An old man lost in his mind
Remembers a happier time.

Far atop the hill over the moor
His wife lies sleeping evermore
Beneath a simple cross of white
Gleaming in morning sunlight.

Longingly he stares at the cross
And feels hopelessly lost,
Trapped in time completely alone
Left to face life on his own.

A childless marriage had they
Fate had ordained it that way
And as he hears the cry of a dove
He knows there is no one to love.

No one to care or think of him,
No one will come by on a whim,
There is not one soul he can call,
There are no loved ones at all.

The morning mist rises from shore
As wrinkled hands begin to oar,
The waves lap at the boat side,
There is sorrow he cannot hide.

For a lifetime he will be alone
His cherished wife is gone,
Tonight by the fire he will weep
Before he falls asleep.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-25-04

Song title: "The Rose Of Mooncoin"

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