Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Sometimes it's you you'll see
But at times who I want to be,
You'll think I am but you're not,
Other times I'll be who you forgot.

Sometimes you'll think I will
But you are thinking still,
For if I do what you think
Things will change in a blink.

Many times you expect me to
But that's not what I'll do,
You'll need me to but I won't,
You'll want me to but I don't.

You'll think I'm all figured out
And you know what I'm about,
But I can quickly change on you
Just when you don't want me to.

Lots of times you'll get this notion
That I will set things in motion
And life's bothers will be resolved
But they're still there to be solved.

At times you think I'll do right
But to often I lose sight
Of which is right or wrong
Or in what order they belong.

Frequently you'll think I can't lie
But I may in the wink of an eye,
I can tell a black lie or lily-white
For goodness sake or spite.

I live in your world but my own,
I'm always with you but alone,
There are days our life is a wreck
But I try to keep things in check.

If I didn't exist neither would you
We are bound forever we two
But at times you treat me so unkind,
Now is that a way to treat your mind?

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-27-04

Song title: "Contemplate"

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