Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

***Number Three***

He dwelled on discontent
Far from the settlement,
A days ride by horseback
But two back if heavy pack.

To many years he's lived alone
In his cozy mountain home
Aching to change his empty life
With the wedding of a wife.

But pioneer women are few
In a frontier land so new,
No unmarried women abide
In this vast wilderness wide.

To change what he must endure
There is a way known for sure,
It was time to swallow his pride
And search for that bride.

He picked up the catalog again
Reading it from front to end,
Studying each picture and line
One frayed page at a time.

He kept reading of number three
With her picture pleasing to see,
Smiling as he made up his mind,
Number three was one of a kind.

Her photograph made him smile
And he stared a very long while,
Number three seemed just right
To snuggle on a cold night.

Finally after a considered whim
He sent for a missy to wed him,
With an eagerness he couldn't hide,
He waited for his mail-order-bride.

At long last came number three
And maybe not so pretty to see
But when wed at the depot door,
Neither would be lonely no more.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-07-04

Song title: Unknown to me

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