Wallflowers by Kenneth J Ellison

Wallflowers divide

It was a once a year event
And most students went,
Teenagers looking for fun,
This dance was the big one.

Musical Staff
The sock-hop would be in swing
Most had someone to bring,
Finding a date had only hours
But no one ask the wallflowers.
Musical Staff
The wallflowers were well aware
Daddy would take them there
Yet the outcasts hopefully wait
For a boy to ask them on a date.
Musical Staff
But that certain boy won't call
They'll be alone again after all,
They held in the pain as it came
But this dance will be the same.
Musical Girl Silloutte
They wore school color sweaters
With the high school letters,
Poodle skirts and saddle-oxfords,
Standing alone feeling awkward.
Musical Staff
Lined in a row along the wall
On each side of the gym hall,
Wallflowers wait lonely in place,
Smiling to hide their sad face.
Musical Staff
Standing as weeds in flower beds
As one they turn their heads,
Staring at the couples dancing by
Then gaze at the floor as if to cry.
Musical Staff
They hope a boy will look their way
As the last song begins to play,
Anyone to dance with for just a song
Before it ends and time to go home.
Musical Staff
But no one picked a wallflower tonight
There was no one to hold them tight,
No one to dance them around the floor,
They'll ride home with dad once more.

Musical Staff

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-11-05

Song title: "Daddy's Home"

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