Nirvana by Kenneth J Ellison

Nirvana divide

Paradise reflects in your eyes
Between earth and skies,
Wondrous is what you see
When you realize it to be.

Your beautiful Eden waits
Inside your own gates,
You will be happier by far
Enjoying where you are.

At times you think skies bluer
And the good life truer
In a dreamland place unseen,
Your wish is a grander scene.

You dream of nirvana afar
And make wishes on a star,
Daydreams cloud your mind
Of traveling through time.

That getaway plan you scheme
Should remain a daydream,
Look around and you will find
Paradise is a state of mind.

You may think of faraway lands
Palm trees and beach sands
Or marvel at great mountain ranges
And calm seasons without changes.

Often you want to go someplace
Away from the human race
Where there is never a dull care
And only contentment is there.

Remember wherever you travel
Your fantasy life will unravel,
Any discontent is in your mind
And it's with you all the time.

In dreams you hope for the best
But one is true amid the rest
Home and family is where love is at
And there is no Eden beyond that.

Where friends and family surround
Your personal paradise is found,
None is grander where you may roam,
Your nirvana is home-sweet-home.

Nirvana Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-26-05

Song title: "What Wonderful World"

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