Parting of Pals by Kenneth J Ellison

Parting of Pals divide

This dark day my best friend died
And in mourning I softly cried,
My hurting heart in two is broken,
His devotion no more be woken.

Gently I cradled him as he died away
My pal is gone, oh bitter day,
Yet a true companion until his end
My good old dog - my best friend.

With a final whine he wagged his tail
And my friend's spirit set sail,
With a last look into my mournful eyes
My old pal said his goodbye's.

Through time he was my great joy
Since only a small a boy,
By my side through the marvel of it all,
Faithfully there each time I'd call.

There must be a heavenly home
Where beloved pets have gone,
Where there is love and happiness
And never distress of loneliness.

I hope Heaven is his home now,
That he made it there somehow
For no dog could deserve it more,
Than to enter Heaven's door.

I pray his spirit soared high into sky
And we'll meet again by-and-by,
I hope someday again we'll play
All over God's kingdom one day.

I'll carry my friend to our place
Yonder by the old millrace
Where I'll gently lay him down,
Deep in the cold hard ground.

Nevermore will I see love in his eyes,
No more his yelp of happy surprise,
No more his warm friendship to know,
I will cry awhile before I go.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-24-05

Song title: "Farewell To Tarwathie"

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