Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

We all have special dreams
Lived as fantasy themes,
We keep them in our minds
To be imagined anytime.

Dreams are a fanciful notion
That floats us on life's ocean,
A safe harbor we can sail into
And bid our worries adieu.

Life isn't as bad as it may seem
If we close our eyes to dream,
Drifting through time and space
To a faraway peaceful place.

Some dream of wealth untold
Others of adventures bold,
Some dream of castles on high
Or a heavenly place in the sky.

Shangri-la can be our destination
If we dream without reservation,
We can travel where minds wander,
Whether paradise or stars yonder.

It matters not how big our dream
Or to what extent extreme,
Any dream keeps our hopes alive
Helping us all to survive.

Never let your dreams slip away
You need them for bad days,
Keep all of them alive and well,
They can cast a magical spell.

Hold tight to your dreams forever
They help hold life together
And if life divides at the seams
Just mend it with some dreams.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-25-05

Song title: "Summer Tree"

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