Feeling Fine by Kenneth J Ellison

Feeling Fine divide

From birth till the end of it all
I've never been sick as I recall,
Seeing a doctor was never a must,
I am rosy-cheeked and robust.

I've heard good folks every day
Moan about doctor bills to pay
And I felt for them now and then
'Cause sick is what I've never been.

I don't have discomfort anywhere
No aches or pains here and there,
I've never had a migraine headache
Nor bottles of little pills to take.

I've never had a surgical operation
Or suffered horrible constipation,
I've never had a prescription written
Nor with any affliction been smitten.

I've bounded from bed every day
I could never stand to just lay
Until the sun is high in the sky
And morning has passed me by.

Through life I've not been wealthy
But I've been perfectly healthy,
I've never been in a doctors office
So they could probe a body orifice.

I don't trust quack doctor remedies
To heal a sick persons maladies,
I don't feel they can rectify
Every ailment that passes by.

I retired a few months ago
To let the good times roll,
I would've been sixty yesterday
But my dying got in the way.

Feeling Fine Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-14-05

Song title: "Waltz Of The Sunset"

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