Sunrise by Kenneth J Ellison

Sunrise divide

This crisp chilly morning
As the earth is warming,
Everything is silently still
Over purple distant hills.

The view is a breath-taker
As I greet my divine maker,
In His glory I stand in awe,
Dawn is like none I've saw.

Sunrise is on tree crowns
Moving slowly to ground,
The darkened forest within
Waits for daylight to begin.

Far horizons showy displays
Of colors burst into rays
Casting a rainbow of many hues
Sparking the morning dew's.

Brilliance highlights the sky
Glowing wispy clouds nearby
To puffed balls of burnt orange
With fingers of gold arranged.

Shades of blue seep to view
As ringlets someone threw
Splashing tints of a pastel hue
With sunbeams pierced through.

Gray clouds are chased away
By the birth of a sunny day,
Nighttime chills fleet as one
With the coming of the sun.

Dancing shadows fade and lighten
The forest floor within brightens,
Sunlight births the land anew
As a reluctant night bids adieu.

As I turn to walk away
I wonder who would ever say
It was not God who made this day,
Who Could believe that way?

Sunrise Divide

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-17-05

Song title: "Sunrise"

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