Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors
Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I am adrift in sweet dreams
And nothing is what it seems
Floating thru portals of time
To find hidden places in mind.

My subconscious easily unfurls
To explore heavenly worlds
Hurling me pell-mell into space
To some paradise dreams race.

Secret desires and wishes unroll
As my fictional dreams scroll
Revealing the exotic long hidden,
Those taboo needs forbidden.

There is no earthly tight bind
To restrain my creative mind
As I journey for vistas serene
In a galaxy of surreal dreams.

Like the flash of a shooting star
My spirit darts from here to far
Soared by unbridled imagination
Of a dreams' brilliant creation.

In the paradise new dreams find
I leave this cold lifestyle behind
And dwell in the enchanting glory
Of a fabulous fairytale story.

I will linger long before I awake
And adrift in happiness partake
Of ways to escape this grim Earth
Thru dreams of wondrous worth.

Adrift it is more difficult to return,
With each fresh dream I yearn,
Heart and soul I want ever to stay
In some wonderland far away.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 04-29-05

Song title: "Vincent"

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