Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Uneasy and troubled in mind
Life's been wholly unkind,
I'm low-down and feel 'in sad
I've had some luck but all bad.

My money has all been spent
I'm down to my last red cent,
I can't recall just where it went
And the landlord wants rent.

They left when my money was gone,
All my friends said so long,
I'd buy some more if I weren't broke
But they ain't no green in my poke.

Can't buy no groceries for me to eat
Can't pay the electric, I got no heat,
They turned off my phone last week
And shut off my water at the street.

My broke down car is turn 'in to rust
Sit 'in in the backyard collect 'in dust
It's been collecting for most a year
Just wait 'in there stuck in gear.

My woman left town the other day
With my first cousin she ran away
Taking everything when she left town
She took all that wasn't nailed down.

I ain't got two dimes to rub together
I got no stash for stormy weather,
I'd borrow some if I could get it
But no one will extend me credit.

I'm as close to the bottom as I can be
There ain't no future I can see,
I'm flat broke and miss my honey,
What I need is a little more money.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 05-07-05

Song title: "Before You Accuse Me"

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