Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

As a youth I dreamed afar
Of a grand shining star,
It was the future for me,
How maturity would be.

I imagined my fate to hold
Fame and fortune untold,
A bright new world for me
Would be as I dreamed it to be.

My fantasies that of a child
With imaginings gone wild
Never envisioned old age,
It's hopeless desperate rage.

My fortune I wasted at last,
Fame never came to pass
And I dream of that child
With mental imagery so wild.

My dreams never came true,
Not like I wanted them to,
Yesteryears schemes and plans
Slowly slipped from aging hands.

I no longer envision tomorrow
And often return to borrow
Dreams from my youthful mind,
Old age is bitterly unkind.

I watch the years swiftly pass
Like sand in an hourglass,
My mind constantly yearns
And my dream of youth returns.

The winds of time has blown
And all my wishes are gone,
Like the wind that ebbs and dies
The promises of youth were lies.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 03-29-05

Song title: "A Long Time Ago"

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