Boogie Woogie by Ken Ellison

Boogie Woogie Divide

Favorites will be played
On tonight's hit-parade
So crank up that radio,
Let the good times roll.

The pulsing is in my feet,
The rhythm in my soul,
When I hear a heavy beat
My feet I can't control.

That fast boogie vibration
Is a sizzling sensation,
It makes dance fever soar
Till you have to hit the floor.

Kick the rugs out of the way
Let the boogie-woggie play,
Let red-hot piano licks ring,
Jitterbug your wobbler thing.

Lets swing and sway little Sis,
This dance we can't miss,
Ma and Pa will clap the beat
As we put on a floor show treat.

Lets shimmy and jive shake,
Make the wood floor quake,
Wiggle your cute little trunk
Show-off that backside junk.

Round and around we'll go
To that smoke 'in old radio,
The boogie's blast 'in loud
For the parlor-room crowd.

There's no one home but us
And that's cause for a rumpus
So crank up that boogie sound
And lets vibrate some ground.

No polished city slickers are we
We're dyed-in-the-wool country,
But we can dance circles around
Those flashy crackerjacks in town.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 01-18-08

Song title: "Cq Boogie"

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