Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

My mind has walls with a locked gate
That I remain behind as of late,
Engulfed by despair and heartache I stay
Life created my walls this way.

I've insisted the world pass me by
Though often times I cry
But my bitter tears have dried
And I was foolish to have cried.

I entirely shun life's cruel reality
It's now a trait of personality,
I can't endure the world outside
And so created my walls to hide.

I've a secluded sanctuary of mind
Where I escape a world unkind,
In a safe refuge of imaginary bliss
Everyday affairs are never amiss.

I survive in a hard pretense shell
A secret space only I know well,
A dark veiled room you can't see
Is a most soothing place to be.

Nothing can bother where I dwell
No one may enter my secret shell,
My mind has kept the masses away
But just how I really can't say.

I never reveal my feelings anymore
That may torment me to the core,
Lost in a quiet mind is consoling me,
It's the only reliable place to be.

I relax safe before my minds windows
Never fearing life's shifting shadows
While I judge all humanity outside
From the walled room where I hide.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 06-18-05

Song title: "Fine Flowers In The Valley"

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