Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Staring at the setting sun
A long night has begun,
Wearily he looks around
For a place to bed down.

He sleeps beneath stars
Or in empty boxcars,
A worn blanket for a bed
No pillow for his head.

He ends this hard day
In the same sad way,
Hunger gnaws at him
As daylight grows dim.

Near the rails lying in grass
Waiting for the night to pass,
He closes his eyes to the sky,
Another train rumbles by.

At the break of a chilly dawn
He wakes with a raspy yawn
To begin his walk once again
On a journey without end.

Many years he's been gone,
A walk through time alone,
No where to call home,
Just a hobo on his own.

Time no longer matters to him,
Hope fails, memories dim.
All that's real is ribbons of steel
And the squeal of train wheels.

Long ago dreams have died
The promises of love lied,
His love wed another instead,
Now he rides the silver threads.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 07-12-05

Song title: "The Blooming Bright Star of Belle Isle"

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