Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I'd drift around all day long
Were I a cloud sailing along,
What great wonders I may see
If a cloud I could be.

Rivers flow to enjoy the sea
But what about me?
Were I one I'd rush quickly by
And joyfully yell goodbye.

Singing birds fly high in the sky
But why can't I?
They flitter hither and yonder
Ignoring me way down under.

Mountains are ever so tall,
Why am I so very small?
I shout out to them in awe
But they make no sound at all.

Wild deer can run so very fast,
Why am I always last?
So fleeting they dart past,
Hardly a glance do they cast.

Winds sing refrains never heard
Why can't I sing a word?
Through the trees play a wind song
But I cannot sing along.

Graceful swans are bonnie to see
But why do I feel so ugly?
They swim by with a knowing eye
Sternly honking gliding by.

Giant and tiny fishes can swim
So why can't I on a whim?
They flash past with such ease
Blowing bubbles just to tease.

If I could become just anything,
What marvel to life it'd bring,
I wish I could be all I hear or see
But I'm only me, so that's what I'll be.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-11-05

Song title: "Mountains Of Mourne"

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