Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Blackened is my mood
Anxiously I brood,
Held in shadowy webs
My failing spirit ebbs.

My mind is shambles
Thoughts scrambled,
Depression once more
Invades me to the core.

Deadened emotions fray
My enemy will stay
Locked with me in a shell
In the dark were I dwell.

I struggle to clearly see
Down deep inside me
To find something real
But truth will not reveal.

Feelings flare-up ever high
Then quickly dim and die,
Thinking why makes me cry,
Ice-cold emotions will lie.

Suppressed feelings hide
In hidden recesses bide,
I have no need of them
Or outbursts on a whim.

My personal demon claws,
into my mind it gnaws,
Everything I see or touch,
Means nothing or not much.

Perhaps I'll stay this way,
Barely alive day-to-day,
Perhaps it's just as well
I stay in this fragile shell.

Life only gives heartache
There is no joy to take,
This mood serves me somehow,
At least for now.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 08-24-05

Song title: "The Stormy Scenes Of Winter"

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