Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

He calls out loud to passersby
Beckoning as they grow nigh,
"I'll shine your shoes for a dime,
If only you'll spare the time."

A ragamuffin boy with curly hair
His prized property an old chair,
With a creaky seat that badly sags
And a wooden box for polish and rags.

He sets up shop at the break of day
Hoping to sway gentlemen his way,
"Please mister will you have a seat?"
I need the work so I can eat.

In a crowd where no one knows his name
Each day begins and ends the same,
You can hear the call up and down the street,
"Please mister will you have a seat?"

I can make your shoes shine like new
I'll even dance a jig for you,
I can pop my rag in three quarter time
And all it will cost is one thin dime.

I'll sing for you a lively old ditty
If you'll have just a little pity,
Just sit yourself down and rest a spell
Beautiful shines are what I sell.

As darkness settles on an empty street
He sits down in his chair to eat,
A cold stale sandwich is his daily meal
Made of whatever he could steal.

The busy dirty sidewalks are home
To this young boy on his own,
Eagerly he shines shoes by light of day
And each night sleeps in an alleyway.

Everyday as the new dawn breaks
His place on the sidewalk he takes,
By a chair he'll spend the daytime
Crying out "shine for a dime!"

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-03-05

Song title: "Sylvie"

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