Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Jagged rocks, cactus and sand
Dotted this desolate land,
Not one thing was alive ahead,
Everything was dying or dead.

Yesterday was day number one
Beneath the searing desert sun,
With no food or water to drink
His hopes began to sink.

His beloved horse now lay dead
And dread filled his head,
For days on the bandit's track
He'd rode to far to walk back.

He climbed upon a lone rock
Using the fiery sun for a clock,
He reckoned it to be about nine
As he looked for the bandit's sign.

He numbered his days as two
And without water he knew,
Three days in the boiling sun
Would mean death for anyone.

He didn't know which way to go
But began his walk ever so slow,
Thirst was gnawing his will away
As he wandered the second day.

Tonight he knew would be his last
As he plodded this desert vast,
The next dawn will be day three,
And the last sunrise he'd see.

Stars in the heavens glittered bright
As the lawman collapsed that night,
To his mind one last thought came,
And he softly muttered her name.

Buzzards circled the lawman below
As sunrise set the horizon aglow,
The wild barren land was hushed,
The buzzards were not rushed.

Half dead he lay in the hot sand
Then touched someone's hand,
Sprinkles of water fell on his lips,
The bandit gave him little sips.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-18-05

Song title: "Amapola (Poppy)"

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