Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I don't miss the good old days
They were bad in many ways,
There was little joy back then,
My dark time was back when.

If I ever do remember at all
I see me in ragged overalls,
A shy boy in worn-out clothes
And shoes with holes in the soles.

I hardly have a happy thought
Of childhood lessons taught
By a devoted mother or father,
To them I was another bother.

I never daydream of yesteryear
Or remember parents as dear,
Their love gathered dust on a shelf
While I doggedly raised myself.

I harbor no fond memories in mind
My dirty world was mostly unkind,
Hard-knocks and poorness ruled
While I struggled to be schooled.

Birthdays and holidays as I recall
Were not celebrated much at all,
I have no joyful memory, not one
Of Christmas morning fun.

I was Just a ragtag boy left on his own
Wandering through childhood alone,
Trudging dirt roads kicking stones
Biding my time till I'd be grown.

Sometimes on a clear starlit night
As I stand bathed by moonlight,
My dreamers mind takes lonely flight
But no memories bring delight.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-25-05

Song title: "Young Man From Canada"

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