Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Only a moment in time,
An angered state of mind
Can cause someone to say
Words in a certain way.

Words alone are not much
But together they are such
They can mar for a lifetime
Someone's heart and mind.

Hurtful words spewed in anger
To loved ones or stranger
Will never give you satisfaction
At seeing their hurt reaction.

In a rage of angriness we berate
Someone with words of hate,
Maddened words can as a knife
Leave them scarred for life.

For a moment of wanted revenge
We say words to burn and singe,
Awful words no one should hear
Especially those once dear.

Some words are not just a word
But the cruelest ever heard
Causing heartache for many years
As if wounded by barbed spears.

Words that inflict pain or sorrow
Will revisit you some tomorrow,
Dreaded regrets will fill your head
For the horrible things you said.

The scars won't be theirs alone
After the spears are thrown,
Enraged words hatefully said
Will always hurt you more instead.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-17-05

Song title: "Feelings"

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