Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

A baby came without a name
Born into a life of shame,
He was a slave owners chattel
No better than the cattle.

From the womb to his grave
He was a plantation slave,
Freedom he never knew
As hate in his heart grew.

He toiled his master's way,
Daybreak to dark every day
Back bowed picking cotton
On stale food smelling rotten.

He was chained to a cot at night
After one hour of lamplight
And by sunup was in the cotton,
A human-being forgotten.

Whips and chains were his life,
Never peace only hard strife,
He could not read nor write,
This was forbidden by the white.

He never felt the love of family
For him there will not be any,
He was born another slaves son
And only God knew which one.

For a slave there is not a choice
You obeyed the master's voice,
He endured time lost in dreams
Forming his freedom schemes.

Late one starry moonlight night
He broke bonds and took flight,
They caught him at end of day three
And hanged him from a tree.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 02-16-04

Song title: "Wake Nicodemus"

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