Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

He came from down the road a bit
And everyday I've regretted it,
That jokester over the field a ways
Gifted me with some dreaded days.

It was a mistake to tell that farmer
That I needed a barnyard charmer,
I wanted a lover for my lonely hens
So he gave one from his chicken-pens.

It was the biggest rooster I've seen
But he didn't tell me it was mean,
I thought it would be a henhouse boon
But the rogue is a bad-tempered loon.

Chickens don't have much of a brain,
To say he had one would be a strain,
I brought him home to rule the roost
But not one beauty has he seduced.

They preen their feathers and prance by
But no pretty babe has caught his eye,
Those foxy hens all plumped and prime
Strutted their stuff but wasted their time.

The dummy ordained himself the guard
And civil rights defender of the barnyard,
He flogs me every time I venture outside
Welting and scratching up my tender hide.

He crows at sunset instead of sunrise
With raspy earsplitting thundery cries
And he scares every critter under my skies
With that brainsick look from his beady eyes.

My mother-in-law up the road two bends
Needs a rooster for some lonesome hens,
I got a dandy she can permanently borrow,
I'll be rid of that birdbrain come tomorrow.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-26-07

Song title: "Baby What's Wrong With You?"

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