Shadows of Me by Kenneth J Ellison

Shadows of Me divide

My shadow didn't cover much
It was meaningless as such,
As a youth it was just around,
That imitator on the ground.

As I matured and grew it did too
And took on a different view,
It covered more than just earth
As it grew longer and wide of girth.

My shadow fell over loves near,
The follower cast over those dear,
Me and the fateful shadow I threw
Influenced others my life through.

I've cast dark shadows over others
Touching friends, family and lovers,
Leaving them heartsick and pained
Wherever my shadow had stained.

To be harmful was never my intent,
To cause torment was never meant
But sometimes the shadows thrown
Can spawn sufferings unknown.

If I'd knew what shadows can do
As I threw them my life through
Perhaps the cloaks of shade I laid
Would have been love that stayed.

My aged silhouette now is small
My shadow has no charm at all,
It's dark has little length or girth,
It's shrunken size has no worth.

The shadows that I've laid down
Draw ever inward to surround,
In my mind they scoff mockingly
As I draw near my sleep eternally.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 12-17-07

Song title: "Shadows by Lindsey Sterling"

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