Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

Flecks of memories flash,
Glimpses of the past,
Tiny moments of time
Fleet through my mind.

Black and white shards,
Crumpled old postcards,
Like dewdrops in the sun,
Memories fade one by one.

No lengthy memories dwell
In my minds wishing well,
No clear memory to utter
Only dim pieces of clutter.

Faces are faded photographs,
Words unfinished paragraphs,
Special places I try to recall
Appear mingled pieces, if at all.

I glance backward in time
Turning inward of mind,
But nothing clear do I find,
No memory one of a kind.

Frustration and anger begin
As I try to recall back when,
Yesteryear's jaded torn pages
Only confuse and enrages.

Once my mind so crystal clear
Called forth memories to appear
But like thieves in the night,
Years have stolen hindsight.

Immediate years cloud my past,
Muddled memories never last,
They appear as bits and pieces,
Glances that quickly ceases.

©Author: Kenneth Ellison 10-24-05

Song title: "Fuyu"

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