Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

The doorbell rang ding-dong,
Not my favorite song
When I'm lying in a heap
On the couch fast asleep.

I opened the door to no one there
Naked but for underwear,
I glared up and down the street
Then heard a meow at my feet.

It's a kitten! I'm quickly thinking
As I stood blurry eyed blinking,
Six feet below me is a wad of fuzz
The whitest there ever was.

In a tiny box was a tiny cat
If you could call it that,
It was more a ball of fluff,
Looking like a powderpuff.

In the puff of fluff I saw blue eyes
And to my wide-eyed surprise
As I lifted the ball of snowy fur
It began to cheerily purr.

Now, I am not a kitty-cat lover
One's as good as any other,
I can take 'em or leave 'em be
They 're all the same to me.

Nevertheless I carried it in
Trying to hide my silly grin
But I'll admit I was smitten
With this fluffy little kitten.

I was a cranky old man alone
With no friend to call my own
Until someone left a tiny kitty
All cuddly and sort of pretty.

My cold heart began to thaw
In hardly any time at all,
What looked like luck gone bad
Became the pal I've never had.

Nowadays when I lie to sleep
That cat is purring at my feet,
We're the best chums in the city
Me and the itty-bitty kitty.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison: 11-18-05

Song title: "Where The Bee Sucks"

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