Wagon Train by Kenneth J Ellison

Wagon Train divide

Canvas flapping in the winds
A wagon train slowly begins
Their trek being east to west
With new frontiers their quest.

Tracking a dim rutted trail
Prairie schooners set sail
Following dreams of the heart,
Praying for a fresh new start.

For months they journey in a line
Strung out one wagon at a time,
Hardships occupy each long day,
As mile by mile they plod their way.

Over high mountain passes,
Crossing prairie land grasses
They trudge toward the far west
With miles to go before they rest.

An old wagon with squeaky wheels
Offers little in way the of meals,
Biscuits and beans to go around
Before bedding on the ground.

They wake at dawn stiff and sore
And ready the wagons once more
Then file into line one at a time,
Dog-tired, covered with grime.

Milk cows bawl and children cry
As they plod on neath stormy sky,
Horses whinny and wagons creak,
Journey's end they doggedly seek.

Their dream waits in the rugged west
Just over the mountains crest,
One more day then journey's end,
Homesteads lie round yonder bend.
Wagons west on Poetry by Ken

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-08-05

Song title: "Young Jane"

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