Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

I ventured into deep dark caves
And with a sword held-off knaves,
I've rode a dragon breathing fire
And danced with witches dire.

I've voyaged around the world
With magical sails unfurled,
Over blue briny seas serene
With wild tempests in-between.

I've streaked the endless sky,
Jetting through heavens high
In a plane of my minds design
With silver wings that shine.

I've been to all foreign places
Meeting people of other races,
I've sat with a king and queen,
There's no land I haven't seen.

I built a castle on a mountain
With an enchanted fountain
Where my wants all come true,
I have but to wish them to.

I've soared to the Milky-Way
And lingered on Mar's for a day,
Through clusters of brilliant stars
I've zoomed to Shangri-la's afar.

I've explored the vast oceans deep
For sunken treasures I seek,
Then skimmed the seas worldwide
On a fantastic magic carpet ride.

A magic wand I do not possess
Nor Aladdin's lamp I confess
But all my daydreams come true,
When I simply imagine them to.

©Author: Kenneth Ellison 11-30-05

Song title: "Some Dreams"

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