Poetry By Ken in Rainbow Colors

If I were a lazy frog
I'd live in a bog,
I'd never come out
To a needy shout.

I'd be left alone
To be on my own,
I'd hear no blather,
No one would matter.

No busybody could see
To ever pester me,
I'd hide beneath a log,
In that brackish bog.

I wouldn't have to stand
The cruelties of man,
I'd never show my face
To the silly human race.

I wouldn't have to pretend
That I need a friend,
There would be no obligation
In my swampy situation.

I would not need to know
How to earn dough,
There is no need to spend
Or any money to lend.

I crave total solitude,
A lifelong interlude
From mankind's hectic pace
And the world's frantic race.

I yearn to be a recluse,
I'm weary from abuse,
I wish to see no one at all
Or listen to anyone squall.

If I were a warty old frog
Deep in a backwoods bog
Resting on a green lily pad,
Life wouldn't be so bad.

©Written by: Kenneth Ellison 12-19-05

Song title: "Tom Bigbee"

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